Metro Bar DC

We are very proud to be part of the construction team for DC’s first Metro-themed bar with an actual metro cart. The end goal of this project is to turn the 11,000 sq ft empty lot into an outdoor entertainment venue featuring a refurbished metro cart turned into a bar! This project is still in progress, but so far, our team has turned storage containers into and bar and bathroom facilities; we fabricated and installed a cabana area featuring a Trex deck underneath with a custom metal railing. Once the metro cart arrived on-site in June 2021, our team begin working on the transformation. So far, we have gutted out the cart entirely, upgraded the HVAC and electrical systems. The finishing touches will be installing tiling, paint, windows,sitting area, and bar equipment. In the exterior, we will build a deck around the cartwith a drink rail so patrons can watch the actual Metro pass by the nearby station. Lastly, we will be creating a roof deck over the existing container bar. What we loved most about this project was the unique concept and the chance to be creativeas possible to make the owner’s vision a reality.

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